The past week exemplifies why we are here. On Thursday we had our first public lecture of the season in Prague. We had “only” 6 visitors, but the material was well received, the Q&A session went long, and the discussions that followed were lengthy and lively. One man plans to visit our worship, another asked for additional information, and I fully expect the others to be back for our next lecture. On Friday, we had our monthly Prague group study in our flat. Despite some illness it was well attended. It is delightful to see the brethren here enjoying being together. On Saturday we had our bi-monthly “Brno Study.” Seeing the sacrifices some made to attend was touching. After the study which began that morning and ended at 2:30, Honza Novak and I went to an antique car show. I think the organizers made some mistakes on their classifications. Cars form my childhood aren’t old enough to be included. An old GM product was parked by an East German car form the same period. We both laughed at the difference in the technology what the communists produced as opposed to what was coming out of the US. On Sunday, we continued in our lesson series on worship and started a new class on 1 Timothy.