An absolutely extraordinary week came to an end, and I was not only still upright, but thankful and a little awed by the fact this is the work that I am privileged to do. Counting the formal teaching opportunities, I had 14 hours of teaching time. If I threw in the impromptu discussions, I have no idea what the number would jump to. In addition to the regular classes, sermon, etc., we had both a lecture in Prague and a Praha/Brno study. The lecture, on the nature and destiny of man, was well attended by the members, but not so much by visitors. Our location was out of center at a culture house in a blue-collar neighborhood. Thankfully, the attitude of the brethren is that they (we) need to do a better job of getting people to come. It was a challenging presentation that was recorded to be on the church’s website, and based on the response, I think it was helpful for the brethren. The Praha/Brno study was well enough attended that we were scrambling for seats. The number included area visitors as well.  Using David and Jonathan as a paradigm, we talked about developing and sustaining relationships among brethren during difficult times. The participation was wonderful. Sunday was a full day as well with not only our assembly, but also a birthday party for Tami afterwards. Despite the fact they live about 40 minutes outside of Prague, the turnout was wonderful, and included not only members form the church in Prague but additional friends as well. In the beginning, I mentioned being thankful for still being upright. That was in small part because of the delightful workload. Through all of this, I have been battling a particularly nasty sinus infection. I am thankful it didn’t knock me out of any of these wonderful opportunities.

The neighborhood where we did our lecture.
Getting set up for our visitors in the lecture hall.
Finding additional chairs for the “Brno Study.”
Tami’s birthday party.