Saturday was a travel day utilizing my favorite means of travel- a train. Construction work has added almost an hour to the Brno trip, but still it was pleasant and productive. On Saturday I met with an old friend who provided invaluable help in getting a local bank account set up.  We followed this with a pleasant evening of discussion that focused on guiding family.

Sunday was special day in multiple ways. In addition to the normal joys of being with this good group, there was the emotional aspect of seeing a grieving father who had just buried a young son demonstrating faith and courage as he not only prepared the emblems for the Lord Supper, but also led a discussion about hope as we prepared to eat. After the assembly, we had a great discussion about how we will use a series of upcoming lectures to try to get those who attend to the next level of study.

The weather was beautiful, and the lovely old streets were alive with a street music festival. Here is just a taste of the weekend. In addition to the old city, it shows the “real” city where the Christians meet.