Friday was the kind of day that lingers in your mind ass you relish the opportunities. It was the 12 hour non- stop sort of day that really doesn’t leave you feeling tired. Several hours of it included studies. Topics included things like the condor Canaan, the influence of false teachers, the role of western philosophy in Christianity, and more. It also included two meals with a great people, a four-hour road trip, and a cold hike around a lake. Honza and Paula drove me to “CB” where we visited with Mira and Ruzinka. Mira is still dealing with some health issues that have plagued him for about a year. Thankfully, he is improving. We also visited with Jindra and “little” Jindra before making the cold, snowy drive home. The small structure is a cottage that Mira has on the lake.

Saturday was a little disappointing, it a blessing in a different way. The two studies that were both canceled. I used the time to catch up on some work and also have a couple of impromptu discussions with unbelievers.