After getting some rest, I was able to get some work done before meeting Robert for supper.  We had a great meal and long visit.  We discussed material he is working to publish for his Bible web site.  He has done a lot of work on it, and it recently bore fruit in the conversion of a young couple who now worship in Brno.

After leaving him I walked around the old city for a while and took a couple of pictures.  Looking at the pig made me wish it was super time again.  Since Czechs don’t have Thanksgiving, they can be forgiven for the early start on Christmas.  Though it’s winter drunks keep the police tragically busy.  Ironically, just after taking this picture, an aggressive group tried to intimidate me into giving them money in a passageway leading to the grocery store.  Sadly, they came in while I was still there apparently having had better luck with someone else.

I leave for Brno in the morning and the lecture there.