I spent most of the day Wednesday in the East Bohemian spa town of Podebrady.  I was there with Honza Novak.  We spent the time visiting, talking, walking, discussing the Lord’s work in his country.  While our purpose was o spend time together, we chose this place so I could see the building he is renovating.  We hope to do a lecture there when the work on the property is finished.

It’s fascinating town to walk around.  While there we saw a monument to two of its most famous sons- the Masin brothers who along with Milan Paumer fought a guerrilla type warfare against the communists in the 1950’s before escaping to the West.  It was also home to one the country’s greatest kings, George of Podebrady.  In addition to his great accomplishments, he is known as the visionary who first in the 1400’s presented a concrete idea for a united Europe.  Many of his ideas were incorporated into the Constitution of the EU.