The long weekend in Zderaz has come to be an absolute joy.  The pastoral setting and impeccable hospitality pale in comparison to the excitement of being with spiritual family hungry for the fellowship and spiritual feeding.  The ride with Marek from the train station to the farmhouse was a lively combination of catching up, planning, and spiritual sharing.  I made a point to arrive early enough to continue the ongoing study with Kris and Katka before others arrived.  Kris wasn’t feeling well, and Katka was constantly working to help with preparations, but even so we had a good time for discussion.

After a delightful evening meal, the entire group gathered for our introductory discussion of eschatological issues focused on death, the judgement, and what if anything is going on in between.  The folks there had requested this topic in connection with some studies they were having with friends and family, so I was happy to assist as best I could.  In all, we put together about 5 hours of study that day before spending a while together visiting and relaxing in a beautiful and warm setting.