Saturday began with the study with the younger children.  It is wonderful to see how they are growing.  They all call me “Uncle Bill.”  I like that.  Immediately after that class, Marek and I studied with a Bulgarian couple who live in London via Skype.  We have done this often enough to develop a good relationship.  I hope to be able to study with them face to face when they travel to Bulgaria next fall.  When we finished the study, several of us together to the former village of Lezaky.  This small town along with Lidice were the two Czech villages that the Nazis destroyed by burning the houses and killing the inhabitants as retaliation for the killing of Heydrich during the Second World War.  It was a beautiful place, but the horrors of what happened there cast a pall over the visit.

After a late (3:00 PM) lunch, we had the class for the college age students who were there.  That included one young man that Vitek has just began studying with.  Following supper, we all gathered again for the last structured study of the day.  An older couple that has been visiting the assembly of the Litomysl church came to that class.