I was scheduled to travel from Budapest to Prague early Thursday afternoon.  I had decided to fly primarily because the schedule seemed to offer the best assurance of arriving in time for the lecture that evening in Prague.  Upon arriving at the gate to check in, I was informed that the flight had been cancelled.  There had been no previous notification.  An hour later, people were still standing in the line expecting to be checked in.  The next possible flight would not arrive in Prague until 6:40- 10 minutes after the study was scheduled to start. 

Honza Novak met me at the airport.  I had convinced the airlines to let me take my large suitcase on the plane to save time.  Mike Morrow spoke for about an hour before I arrived.  He had about three hours notice that he would be doing a study on demons and demon possession.  I felt terrible for him, but I know he did well.  I spoke for another hour and a half after that.  Most of the people stayed for the entire study.  I was amazed.  We had a total of 22 at the lecture.

The picture shows how large the bag was I carried on to the plane.  The briefcase beside it is an oversized one.