To say the last two weeks have been a whirlwind would be a gross understatement. Our work on the Bible study website moved from the office to the field location for a few quick days. That means we traveled to Israel- primarily to shoot some videos for the website which should be available soon. Whether it is approaching the airport in Tel Aviv over the coastal plain or visiting a site like Shechem, it is always an amazing experience we want to make more accessible for others.

After arriving back in Prague on Friday I met with some American guests, including a family who would be visiting with us on Sunday along with additional members of their family who may begin worshiping with us in Prague. It was a wonderful evening during which the Pope’s from College Station were my hosts. We don’t do Thanksgiving, so Christmas is in the air.

The next day I made my way to the train station to begin the journey to Zderaz for a weekend of studies. They are beginning a study of 1 Corinthians and had invited me to do some lessons that would provide a contextual (historical/cultural/literary) foundation for their classes.

If I’m drinking a cup of coffee this big at the train station, you can be sure of two things. 1) I am tired, and 2) it is getting cold here. However, the reception in the village could not have been warmer. There is the bedroom that over the years I have come to think of as mine. There have been few places in my life where I have rested better than there. The weekend consisted of 6 studies in three days. These were attended primarily by members, but by a few non- Christians as well. One of these studies was with a Bulgarian family via Skype. Such services continue to be a great blessing here as people have generally been good at using rather than abusing the opportunity. The number at the Sunday assembly was the smallest I have ever seen in Litomysl as the result of several people being sick. While it was an uplifting gathering, I wondered if anyone would come for the afternoon session of our studies. To my pleasant surprise, we had more for that than we had for the morning meeting not counting those who joined us electronically. By the time I got home Sunday evening I was too tired to fry bologna, but it was a wonderful tired.

The crowd wasn’t quite this small.
A hybrid Skype study that included Bulgarians in England.
Our gracious hosts had a large room full by the time we began the study.