The weekend study in the highlands village has quickly become one of the highlights of each trip. On Friday I traveled by train to Pardubice. Given the role the work in Pardubice played in the genesis of the church in Litomsyl, I always feel nostalgic when my travels take me there. Marek came by car to pick me up, and as we traveled he filled me in one a number of good things going on with the Christians in the area.  We had some time before supper and as we awaited the arrival of others, so he took me for a walk in the forest to see a quarry that his family has an interest in. It’s was lovely area, and the exercise helped me get some blood flowing again after the trip.

After a wonderful, typical Czech supper we had our first session. More than 20 of us gathered in their living room for the first study.  After I presented some material on the archeology and geography of the last hours in the life of Jesus, we had another 30 minutes or so of lively discussion before settling in for the night.