I always approach lectures in Brno with a pleasant expectation.  They seem to have found a pattern that works precisely.  Much of it is predicted on re being a regular core group of visitors with whom we have built a relationship.  This time was a little different, mainly beyond the topic.  It was to be the first time in awhile a church had been bold enough to request a topic openly critical of Islam.  We wondered if pay would come, and if they did, who would it be?  The tension was obvious as time to begin approached.  It was complicated by the fact that our normal, personal advertising wasn’t done early enough.  Also, some visitors we expected had experienced a last-minute scheduling issue that precluded them from coming.

When we began we had only 5 visitors.  I shared the disappointment, but still thought about how many groups would be grateful to have that many visitor any night of a gospel meeting.  As we began, a few more began to trickle in, and by the end we had 11 visitors.  Given the other factors, it was a very good turnout.  That was only the beginning of the positive things.  The teenage son of one of the members who hasn’t shown much interest in some time came and was very excited about the material.  An older lady who has been visiting the lectures for a couple of years said she would like to visit the assembly on Sunday, and another lady we had never seen before asked if she could email some follow up questions.  Before we parted company that night, we were already excitedly planning our next effort.

After the lecture, I had the opportunity to spend another hour in discus with one of the dear brothers.  I was stunned to see how quickly had passed.  Follow that, I met with another old friend of many years.  He is a fine man and a dear friend.  At different points in his life I’ve felt that he was close to giving faith a chance.  A new circumstance in his life opened the door for the best conversation we have ever had.  It was a good day.