The second lecture in Brno proved to be a little disappointing. We had only 6 visitors. It was a warm, sunny evening so I feared that people would want to take advantage of one of the last great weather days. It also made me wonder about our schedule for this series. Given that it was a series, I was really concerned about how the final session would go. My fears were unfounded. We had 14 visitors who were very appreciative of what they heard. This was shown by their participation in the Q&A, them staying afterwards for more discission, and the personal study that resulted from it. Also, I tentatively have an invitation from a small study group in a town about an hour away to come and present the same material.

 We also took advantage of these weeks to worship with the group in Brno for three consecutive Sundays. It was great to be with them that much even though the third Sunday was cold enough that I never took my coat off during the assembly. The things we take for granted… Of course, during this time our regular studies continued, and I scheduled a new one with a non-Christian I have known for a while.