The family arrived safely on Monday. The trip gave them a taste of the challenges of travelling with Nathan on wheelchair. Biss came over that evening for a visit. I also had a meeting with a Bulgarian who is a good friend of an old friend here in Brno. It was pleasant, but there didn’t seem to be any spiritual interest. On Tuesday, Dinyu came a spent much of the afternoon. He especially wanted to talk about his time on prison. It was heart wrenching. He also wanted help with information about western journalists in the country. He is determined to clear his name. Biss came again that night. On Wednesday, Nancy and Elizabeth visited Draga. Aaron took his afternoon to translate. As much as we have observed about the difficulties of life in countries like Bulgaria, this was a learning experience. We cannot imagine the challenges of people who are permanently in a wheelchair and live in a city like Sofia. Once again we were reminded to count our blessings.