After being led to my Airbnb flat by the owner, I unpacked and decided to go to the grocery store to buy something to fix for supper.  (Having cooking facilities is one of several advantages to this type of accommodation.) Armed with a ring holding four keys, I started out.  The door to my flat opens into a small entry area that serves another flat.  When I entered this area, I realized I did not remember which door led to the hallway and which was the neighbor’s door.  I wasn’t concerned.  This wasn’t my first rodeo.  I had years of experience and tons of local knowledge to rely on.

Upon examining the doors, it was clear to me which was which.  One door was very nondescript while the other looked very much like mine, had what appeared to be light and buzzer switches by it, and had a peephole.  It was obviously my neighbor’s door.  So, I began trying the keys on the key ring in a logical order based on the appearance of the lock.  It wasn’t my first rodeo.  After each key failed, I called upon my vast experience with Czech locks to retry each one while first pulling on the handle then pushing on the door, then just giving a a good general shaking while I turned the key harder.

Nothing worked, so I needed a plan.  After the owner had gushed about my vast local knowledge and language skills, I hated to call him.  I had a better idea.  I would try one of the keys on the lock to my neighbor’s door so that when they came to see what was happening I could solicit his help with my dilemma.  The first key I tried slid surprisingly easily into the lock and then easily unlocked the door.  I shyly pushes it open to see the corridor I had been seeking on the other side.  Apparently, the neighbor wasn’t home or had decided not to investigate the attempted home invasion.  The humble pie I had for supper wasn’t bad, but it needed a little salt.