Sunday was probably my busiest day yet.  It began in Prague worshiping with the brethren there in the morning.  The crowd was quite good.  It included Petr and Marcella Unger.  This is a fine family who has been worshiping in their home in a city about 45 minutes from Prague for the last several years.  It looks like they may begin driving into Prague to worship again.  After a lesson I had to abbreviate just a bit, I rushed to the train station for my train to Brno.

I arrived just in time for the assembly there.  It was a good and demographically exciting crowd. Of the 14 present, seven were children.  Tomas and Andrea were their with the new baby.  We visited for some time after the assembly before the Fojt’s and Planeta’s went with me for supper.  Upon returning to the center, I took a book and went out for a snack and to read for a while.  It turned out my reading was quite limited because of good spiritual conversations with first a Buddhist poet and then two young law students one of whom was suffering from PTSD from his time in combat.  A lot of contact info was shared and hopefully the conversations will continue.