Sunday on Sofia almost always begins with a walk through the city of about 2 miles to get to the meeting pace.  As my mom used to say, “It gets my blood stirring.”  It also takes me past some interesting places.  I’m posting a photo that shows, 2nd century Roman ruins, the main local mosque, and a McDonalds.  What a great combination!

The crowd for worship was a little small- 25-30, but lively and seemingly very happy to see me.  That provide the kid of energy that makes it easy for a preacher to find his energy.  Biss, as usual, did a wonderful job translating.  That makes things so much easier as well.  I’m posting a picture of the kid’s classroom.  One of the positive signs for the group is the fact they now have several young families.

After worship, we went with Hristo, Vanya, and Natalie to “King Potato” got our traditional Sunday dinner.  It could not believe how quickly the time slipped by.  Before I knew it, it was 2:30 and time to say some sad farewells.  As Biss and I made our way through a market in search of cooked pumpkin, we ran across three of the older members enjoying a long and late lunch.  It was great to see them spending time together.  No, we didn’t find the pumpkin, but we did find fresh pig’s feet.

We finally made our way back to my flat where we visited for a while before going and meeting Savella at an amazing sweet shop nearby.  Sunday is a good day in Sofia.