Sunday was wonderfully long and productive.  We met with the Renaissance church of Christ that morning.  Hristo asked Honza to say a few words about the brethren on the Czech Republic.  He handled it very well.  As usual, I peached for the group.  The brethren there are always very kind in heir response to my efforts.

Following the assembly, Hristo, Vanya, and Natalia took Biss, Honza, and I to lunch.  Following a long and pleasant visit we parted ways with Biss, Honza, and me walking back to the center.  Along the way, we decided to stop and tour the largest Sephardic synagogue in Europe.   To the credit of the Bulgarian people, it is less than a quarter of a mile from the mosque, yet there are no problems.

We met a man named Bogdan mid-afternoon.  Bogdan was converted a number of years ago, but left the country to work in a special Russian city dedicated to scientific research.  He is a theoretical physicist who now works for the Bulgarian Academy of Science.  Now that he is settled back into the country, hopefully he will settle in to being a regular part of the spiritual community as well.

The day ended with Honza and I walking Biss home before settling in for the night.  We were both tired but very encouraged.