Sunday was equally busy. We met with the group mentioned in the previous post that morning. It is a group of about 25 that rents a meeting room in a hotel each week. I’m looking forward to more discussion with some of the members.

After that we went to see Draga. As usual, we brought her some groceries as well as a lovely bag made by a lady in Wichita. The gift brought tears to her eyes. After a study, she filled us in on the latest chapters in the nightmare she is facing. The woman who has forced her way into Draga’s home is trying to bully Draga into giving her a sort of power of attorney that would give her control of Draga’s pension and allow her to force Draga into a nursing home. We assured her we would do everything in our power to protect her. Biss and I spent some time discussing a legal strategy and I left funds to help with legal fees.

That evening we met for worship. It was the only time I got to spend with Dinyu and Aaron. Dinyu is now living on the mountain through a week and working as a watchman at a villa. He seems happy about it. Our worship and visit lasted about three hours and included a lengthy and lively class in which we discussed issues of fellowship.