This Sunday began with a brisk walk of about 25 minutes to meet Biss.  It was cold, but beautiful.  After a few minutes wait, we caught the public transportation that would take to the area f the city where Draga lives.  On the way to here flat, stopped and bought her groceries.  We were able to purchase all we could carry the rest of the way.  Thankfully Biss is better than a pack mule.  It was a joy to study with her, but sad because it was again evident she is failing.  Her words of thanks for the study left us awkwardly staring at floor.  She repeatedly told me to tell the brethren in America “thank you.”

After that we headed back into the city center.  The group here is currently without a regular place to meet, so we met in the flat I am staying in in the center.  Savella came while Biss went to meet Aaron.  Savella didn’t get to stay through the worship.  Midway through, she got a call that a doctor had come to her home to check on her ailing father.  We are still waiting to hear from them.

 After worship the rest of us went out to eat.  That gave Aaron an opportunity to catch me up on his residency status.  In short he will have a hearing this week to determine if his refugee status will be revoked.  If it is, Biss will essentially be alone here and Aaron will be a man without a country.  May God grant me the patience to respond better to what those whose lives are incomparably better imagine to be crises.

I will not be able to see Dinyu in prison this trip.  Sadly, at best he should be released in about 8 months.

 The pictures are of Biss grocery shopping, Draga, and the group before worship.