Sunday was a good day.  We had an unexpected guest at worship.  She visited for a few minutes afterwards.  Her presence did a lot for the rest of the group. 


After services, we went out to lunch together.  Following lunch,  Biss and I went to see Draga.  She immediately got her Bible out to study.  After the hour, Biss and I prevailed in our insistence we would go buy her some food.  As always, it was an amazing visit.  Her health doesn’t seem to have deteriorated since last time. 


After a couple of hours, we met again for a group srudy.  Much of our attention was focused on Dinyu’s upcoming trial.  The process is crushing him.


I’ll fly back to Budapest tomorrow.  Shortly after my arrival I scheduled to meet with Emese and the Tosti’s. 


In the pictures, I’ve included a couple from worship and lunch as well as a picture of Draga.  I’ve also included a few shots from the apartment I have been staying in.  The bread in one photo m

ay not look sanitary, but was still hot from the oven.