The day was very long but went well.  By leaving here just before 7, we were able to get to worship by 10 in Balti.  Serghei was very pleased with the turnout.  It’s is a group of about 10 made up almost entirely of older women.  Their lives are very hard.  (I’ll stick in a couple of pictures showing the garden of the house where we met.)  I was only scared senseless once on the trip, so it went well.


We had a couple of hours of “down time” after we got back before worship in Chisinau.  That meant lunch.  The evening worship followed a similar format to that of the morning.  Both were quite similar to what most readers here are accustomed to.  Each group had a Bible class in addition to the worship. 


Tomorrow were are supposed to go meet with a group that Sereghei has just recently begun studying with.  I know almost nothing about them.  The trip should take a couple of hours unless it rains.  If it does, I may be pushing the van according to Serghei.