Our worship in Brno yesterday saw a smaller group than normal, but wonderful and giving hearts. Jan had brought some masks to share with the group, while Jozef, a chemist, had mixed up some homebrew sanitizer since it’s no longer available in stores here.

After the assembly, I sent about 3 hours walking around the city with a dear friend and discussing a range of issues. The new laws (not to be confused with recommendations) made that a more viable way for us to meet. It was right around freezing, so I’m glad we were walking as opposed to standing.

The train ride back to Prague was odd to the pont of being darkly comical. The ticket checker initially thought that no one was in the car I was riding in. When she saw me, she said in Czech, “You have a ticket, don’t you? They told me to check all the tickets, but I don’t want to touch them all. Is it okay if I don’t look at yours?” I assured her I did have one, and then we pleasantly interacted throughout the trip.