A Sunday in Brno is always special. Sunday was no exception.  From our arrival at the meeting place, I was reminded of how much we take for granted.  One of the heaters was broken while the other worked slowly enough to have little impact on the temperature while we were there.   I was too wimpy to ever take my heavy coat off.  Their only reaction was to shrug and laugh it off.  We had a good number assembled for Brno, especially given the fact 4 regulars were missing.  We had a total of 13 with 6 of that number being children.  That is so encouraging.  The group has wisely added some children’s songs into the songs they sing during the assembly.  It was great to see the kids singing them.  Tomas made a talk in preparation for the Lord’s Supper.  It was obvious he had worked hard on it, and he did great.  Seeing him continue to develop is wonderful.  I was privileged to preach, and Jan did his typical amazing job of leading the songs.  Jozef led us in prayer which included asking for the success of our lecture.  After the assembly, we went to a nearby restaurant and visited for a while.  What a great day!