Sunday in the Czech Republic is always hectic for me. The day began with meeting with the church in Prague.  The group continues to do very well.  Seeing the young people study and help with the setup for the worship is so encouraging.  The great group of college student bodes well for the future.  A man who attended our lecture visited the service.  He had been well impressed with the lecture, and seemed very comfortable during the assembly.

After rushing off far too quickly, I just managed to catch the train to Brno.  The main station is closed for renovations, so that makes the trip a little more complicated.  I got to their suburban meeting place with about 10 minutes to spare.  The attendance was good, and Jan’s mother was visiting.  Watching the kids grow up is a joy, and having one rush to me when she saw me shouting, “Hi, Uncle Bill!” touched me deeply. After the meeting ended, I had to rush away again.  There’s never enough time.