It always takes a few days to assess my trips.  I’ll take a shot at doing that now.  Overall, it was one of the most productive trips I have ever made.  The Egyptian family in Sofia and their story is one of the most compelling I have ever encountered.  I’m excited to stay engaged in their lives.  The special studies in the village were so productive, and we have plans to improve them next time.  The study with the Bulgarian family via Skype has me truly conflicted. Marek, who knows them so well, believe that a trip to London for a face to face would result in their baptisms. The continuing success of our lectures plan in Brno has us already planning for the next one.  The young people in Prague I was able to work with have a zeal for setting up studies I haven’t seen in that country for many years.  Also, several people I met on my own and have been slowly developing relationships with in Prague are gradually beginning to show progress.

These exciting things are the culmination of a number of factors.  These include: ongoing fellowship of brethren in the states that allows me to make these plans with confidence that the resources will be available, longstanding relationships built with the people over the years, the hard work of the brethren there, and, far above all of this, the power of the Gospel.

Thanks for your interest, prayers, and support.