Summer hit early in the Czech Republic. The inner city has a special kind of heat, but I still prefer it to winter. Our visa appeal has been filed, and the lawyer estimates a six-month wait for an answer. If it is rejected, we can start the application process over. In the meantime, we can stay here. We will continue about the work as though we will be able to stay. 


Our regular studies continue relatively uninterrupted considering it is summer. Things always slow down here some during the holiday, especially since the average person here has 5 weeks of vacation time each year. We are finalizing plans for the Summer Study as the time rapidly approaches. We had to make some last-minute adjustments due to a serious health issue that impacted multiple speakers, but thankful we were able to find outstanding replacements on very short notice. We were in Prague for worship four Sunday’s in a row. That was the longest stretch of weekends here since we got here. It was nice to have that much continuity in the sermons and classes. We had several visitors during that time. Last weekend we were back in Brno and had two visitors for the worship there. One of them is showing a lot of promise. Sunday we were in Prague again for one more service before we head to Bulgaria.


As the results of some recent baptisms in the mountains on the north of the country, a new work is in the process of beginning. I was blessed to be part of their first meeting. Needless to say, this is an exciting opportunity. 


The month ended with a flurry of activity as we had our “Brno Study,” a public lecture in Prague, and our monthly Prague Bible study all in a matter of eight days. The lecture crowd was smaller than usual, but we did have a study that followed immediately afterwards that prayers for would be appreciated. Sunday was a reminder for us that we don’t know what will come from the contacts we make at these. We had a visitor at our assembly who is a friend of a man who has attended several lectures.  Our Wednesday Skype study continues to offer special opportunities as it included people from four countries and several non-Christians.