It isn’t practical to try to detail each study I have during the these trips, but I would like to try to summarize and make some general statements.  Most of the studies are with the brethren here.  The most common topic this trip has rearing children.  That isn’t new.  I think that may be the focus on the next village study.  In a couple of cases, I have reconnected with some people from the past whose interest has waned.  The teenage son of one of the members from Brno has been a particularly encouraging example of this.  The first generation of folks here is aging a bit, so dealing with health issues has started coming up as well.  A few of the studies have been the ever important let talk about this text.  The time has been productively spent.  This, in part, is the result of the longstanding relationship we have that makes the people feel very comfortable in opening up about what they are dealing with.