If the Lord allows, I will fly to Florida tomorrow.  After what I pray will be a save arrival, I will make my final post for this trip and include the events of the last couple of days in Prague.  Until then, I will share a few pictures from the city.  I don’t go out to find pictures, but as I go about my business they are there.  Some of them are simply street scenes showing the fairytale like nature of the city.  Others, showing things like people lining up for ice-cream, riding in a horse-drawn carriage, or boys playing with a soccer ball in Old Town, are signs of spring.   People renting Segways and selling weird toys reflect the huge numbers of tourists.

I also took a few shots from the old Jewish Quarter of the city.  These include a couple of old synagogues as well as an outside shot of the cemetery.  (I was too cheap to buy the ticket to go in.)  The stacking of graves in the cemetery has always fascinated me.

I was sitting at an outdoor cafe drinking tea and working on a lesson on evangelism for the Brno Study this fall when the Krishna group came by.  My prayer is that we succeed in telling them about Jesus while at the same time being motivated by their courage and zeal.    Finally, I always marvel at the challenges people here who are handicapped in some way experience.