The trip to Sofia began innocently enough.  The trip to the airport in Prague is always a very difficult one as I ponder where I can truly be of greatest value in my work at this point in my life.  Nevertheless, I was excited about the opportunities in Bulgaria that had presented themselves.

The Sofia Airport has instituted a program to help ensure that fair taxis are available, and I chose one I felt good about.  Shortly after we left the airport, I saw a car barreling towards us through an intersection.  I knew we were about to get T-boned on my side of the car.  As I watched it happen, I realized I was probably in trouble.  However, the impact came at the best possible place given that scenario.  It hit the front door post of my door.  The post absorbed most of the energy, and I was unhurt.  Within a couple of minutes another taxi from the same company picked me up, and I was able to get on with my day. I was truly, truly, blessed.  After settling in, I was able to spend some time making plans with Biss and then working on a lesson request for the following Sunday that I didn’t get until late.

Not to be outdone, Biss was in a bicycle wreck the following day.  A parked driver suddenly opened his door out across the bike lane, and Biss hit it. He too was unharmed.  That didn’t stop him from spending a delightful evening with us as I hosted Rafik and his family for a meal.  This delightful family continues to have thing fall into place in their lives, and they are a huge boost to the church.