Saturday was my opportunity to spend some extra time with Biss and also Savella. The horrific injury Biss suffered a couple of years ago is now little more than a painful memory. Savella is having a very difficult time. Her work as well as the care she provides for her ailing father have gotten her down. I don’t know what she would do without help from Biss. Despite all of this, we managed to have a pleasant and productive visit.
It has been cool and rainy since my arrival, but I’ve still had the opportunity to take a few pictures capturing life in a continually evolving city. I love Sofia, though it’s hard for me to express why. It is t a fairy tale city like Prague or a stately city like Budapest or Vienna. It doesn’t have the energy or London or the overwhelming history of Rome, but I love it. I think part of it is the simplicity that is still evident- both good and bad. Perhaps something about the struggles resonates with a rural Mississippi upbringing. Even though I cant express it with words, perhaps the pictures will help.  I do know I dearly love the people.