There have been so many things going on in so many places it is difficult to know where to start. We have had a baptism, huge news on our residency, lectures in Prague and Brno, and two weeks working in Bulgaria.

 The young lady draped in a towel with the beautiful smile has recently bene baptized. Working with her was truly a group effort with Vitek at the center. I was happy yesterday when he told me that they want to travel back to Prague for additional study.

 Our legal status here has been a challenge with odd twist after odd twist since our arrival. It has finally been resolved with us receiving our residency for two more years.

 We had lectures in both Brno and Prague. In Brno, we experimented with a very different topic. We only had a handful of visitors. We did have a very positive discussion with one of the men who has been visiting the lectures regularly, so that was encouraging. The Prague lecture was better attended, and also resulted in an interesting small group discussion with some of our regular visitors.

 As a result of the residency being resolved, we were able to make a trip to be with brethren in Sofia. It was great to be with them again. They were grateful and hospitable. I had some of the best conversations with the older Bulgarian preacher that I have ever had as he asked questions about doctrinal issues impacting churches. It was brutally hot in the city, but we took a couple of afternoons to hike up into the mountains.