After struggling with some technical issues in the changing of my site, I think it is finally ready to go. The trip was successful if not uneventful. After eight hours of delays, I arrived in Prague with my suitcases in tow. All in all, no complaints. After bringing me to the flat, Honza and I had a good talk about the work as well as a few Bible questions. At some point, apparently, I was about to doze off, after an even extra-long trip, so he made he way home. My accommodations are adequate for a couple of months while I am finding something more permanent for us. The first week was a blur that I can only now reflect on a little more clearly thanks so to some photos. It was strange, in a good way, to need to be doing some domestic things to get settled. That included dealing with my visa with the foreign police. The days flew by as I worked to prepare for the upcoming lectures and the arrival of the Americans who were coming to teach. The Ward’s arrived on Friday, and Jonathan Banning got here on Saturday. I felt badly in some ways that I only had two Bible studies of my own as I took care of these responsibilities as well as began looking for a place to live, but I knew the time was still well spent.