On Saturday Honza and I met early and did a little more exploring before meeting the others.  The highlight of that was visiting the mosque in Sofia.  (Some of what I wrote about and attributed to Friday actually occurred on Saturday.  The days get confused sometimes.) Bulgaria was occupied by the Ottoman Turks for 500 years before finally being freed in 1878.

We spent the afternoon and evening with Biss and Savella.  As usual, the discussions covered a broad range of topics which would circle back around to their spiritual lives.  Savella, who seems to be doing fairly well, was fascinated by the opportunity to get acquainted with Honza.

Fot a little more local color, I’ve thrown in a couple of pictures of the mountain outside the city.  One is a street view from the main walking area near where I stay in Sofia.  The other has in the forefront an Orthodox church which was rebuilt after the communist bombed it in the early 20th century.