We started the day in Bendari.  Passing the Russian “Peace Keepers” make the bile rise.  (I’ll put in a couple of border crossing pictures.) On the bright side, we traveled with Serghei in his new used van. He doesn’t show any lingering ill effects from his wreck. 


The study was attended by people from Tiraspol as well as Bendari.  It lasted just under two hours.  Sasha had some terrifying stories to tell about some current issues he is facing.  I’ll explain it more in person, but please pray for him.  (I’ll include a group picture.)


The study in Chisinau this evening was lively.  After my hour, we had a q & a session that lasted another 80 minutes. 


In the morning we leave early for Balti to worship with the church there.  We will worship in Chisinau tomorrow evening.