As you can see, the technical issues with the site were finally resolved.  After a second consecutive Sunday in Brno of presenting material from our Turkey trip as well as our monthly Prague study, we hit the road. Much of the month was spent in Bulgaria. It was an encouraging and productive trip. After settling in, we spent a full day in Plovdiv with Andrey and Neli who were visiting their home from England. We actually scheduled our trip to be sure we would have this opportunity to visit and study with them. During that visit we learned that three women in Sofia wanted to be baptized. All three have different but great stories, and I have known two of them for some time. We all traveled out to a beautiful lake where Hristo baptized them. We then spent the rest of the day together. We also did something very unusual for us during this trip. We went to the seaside for 5 days. I still taught my Skype classes, but otherwise, it was a short holiday. Both Sundays in addition to preaching we spent an extended time with the Christians. During the final week, we spent time with Biss and a young American who is planning to come and study in Sofia. Nancy was able to spend a lot of time with her. It turned out we had mutual Texas connections, and her parents were very happy we could help her. We found out that during our second Sunday in Bulgaria, the church in Prague had two visitors who came as the result of our lectures. This is the second time in last few weeks we have had visitors initially contacted through the lectures. We are now safely back in Prague. In addition to showing some pictures from the baptism, I am attaching a few shots that give a flavor of life there as well as some pictures from an anti-America, EU, NATO rally I stumbled across. The older fellow caring the signs saw me and left the march to come and angrily confront me. I’m not certain why he picked me out, but as one Bulgarian said, I don’t look Bulgarian.

Cats on a hot tin roof?

Part of an ancient Roman stadium in Plovdiv.

A traditional village near where the ladies were baptized.

The first okra of the season a couple of days before we left Bulgaria.