Getting back to Prague was a bit of an adventure.  Hristo, Vanya, and Biss were scheduled to pick me up Monday morning to take me to the airport for my flight to Prague that connected through Vienna.  About an hour before we were supposed to leave I got a notice that the flight had been cancelled and I was rebooked on a flight that was going to create headaches on both ends of the trip.  I called Expedia, who once again proved to be of great help.  After an hour on the phone, they found a flight that would work much better of I could leave immediately for the airport.  It involved a 5-hour layover in Munich and a late arrival in Prague, but it worked.  The time on the airport allowed me to get some much-needed work done.  Upon arriving in Prague, I went to the counter of a taxi company to inquire about prices.  The girl quoted a general price, which knew was high, but assured me the trip was metered.  I was tired and had spoken to her in English.  When the driver came to the counter, she quietly told him in Czech the price she had quoted me, so with a big smile he greeted me in English.  When I responded very comfortably in Czech, he became furious and the girl was embarrassed, but I paid the normal Czech price for the ride to meet the owner of the Airbnb flat who had been waiting on me.