Synergy is: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that isgreaterthan the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.; synergism.
On some level we see this concept in successful evangelism. Baptisms occurring in South Bohemia yesterday demonstrate this in a powerful way.

Tomas and Andrea (husband and wife) were baptized about 2 years ago. This was the result of having found a web site created by Robert from Prague. Since Prague is quite far from their home city, they began driving an hour each way to worship in Brno. The brethren in Brno did a wonderful job of enveloping them with love and care. They visited with them, and Jan studied with them via Skype. Some brethren in the States who knew about the couple of their two children sent them small gifts connected with teaching the children about God. This genuinely dedicated young family that was nurtured by their spiritual family not only survived the distance they live from the other brethren, but they thrived.

I say this confidently not based only on my personal observations, but on the events of Sunday. You see, the people baptized were Tom’s mother and another friend. He worked with them, set an example, and taught them. So this is a beautiful story about the character and effort of Tom and Andrea, but it is more than that. It is about them, but not only about them. It is a story that has a lot of moving, Czech parts that did move and moved well together. (I’m sure my brief account omitted others who played very useful roles.) Each one of them played a part in the wonderful outcome.

All of them realize and rejoice in the fact that the real power is that of the gospel and, they are merely tools of service. Beyond the simple, deep joy of souls saved and the church in the Czech Republic growing, there is the realization this should provide lessons for we in the States.

Maybe the questions I’m asking myself will be helpful to someone else. Are we nurturing and preparing our spiritual young to utilize the opportunities uniquely theirs? Are we mindful of how our actions impact not only our brethren but those they may be trying to teach? Do we look for small and detailed ways that we may contribute to the process of sharing the gospel? Let’s be motivated by Tom and Andrea’s faith, and keep them and our two new brethren in our prayers.