The studies in Zderaz, a peaceful and quaint village on the edge of the Czech highlands, provide the most intense study opportunities.  The weather was cool (cold if you are from Florida), and it rained all day on Saturday, but it was still beautiful.  The quiet street they live on, as well as well as the old Cooperative-style grocery store that is only open 4 hours on Saturday and closed on Sunday really did take me back to the “old days” over here.  The Lustyk’s nicely modernized old farm compound make a perfect setting.

As I looked at the upcoming schedule, I realized I had 11 sessions scheduled with the group of people from 3 Czech churches as well as some local visitors.  All of this was to happen in 2 ½ days, and it did not include the hours of additional, more private follow up studies.  The group studies, a per their requests, included topics like: metaphors for the church, Markan Intercalations, Archeological Evidences, “copy-cat” charges made against the gospels, and The “Divine Council.” The less formal sessions included questions on things like the literary relationship among the gospels, issues in child-rearing, the possible relationship between Gen. 6 and 2 Peter/Jude, and more than my fatigued brain can presently recall.  I knew it was going to be an exciting opportunity and great challenge.