Sunday in Prague was an odd, but good day.  Normally, when I am there, I am either telling them hello or goodbye. However, given the length of this trip as well as Covid-travel challenges within the EU, it was just one of three times I could be with them on a Sunday.  We had visitors from America who were warmly greeted in the announcements followed by the laughing explanation that my presence wasn’t announced because I’m not a visitor. It was also an exciting transition day since most of the church was in the process of working their way to the Moravian Highlands for the week-long study. It also came with a sense of relief since both American families who had come were safely almost to the site of the study. 

The worship itself was wonderful. It was well-attended as they slowly transition back from Covid. Kris (who I see as one of my Czech kids), the most recent convert, did a powerful job helping as we prepared to eat the Lord’s Super together. The lesson I presented seemed to be well-received.  After that, I spent the afternoon in the home of one of the families here- relaxing and visiting with their family members who are not Christians before we hit the road to the highlands.