Hitting the ground running took on new meaning this trip.  On Wednesday we had our lecture in Prague on the Bible and Archeology.  The brethren worked hard once again to make it a success.  I was able to play some small role by distributing some of the attractive ads like the one pictured.  In addition to focusing on the actual visitors, the church has taken a long term view by putting effort into videoing the lectures to have them available on their web site.  They have also begun using Facebook to advertise to a targeted audience.

It was a cold and rainy night, so the number of visitors was a bit small, but the lecture was well received and the discussion was lively.  The lecture itself lasted an hour followed by another 45 minutes of Q&A.  We had to call it to a halt because the time the hall was rented for expired.  Based on the conversations, I anticipate additional discussions with at least two of the visitors.  Please pray for that.

In addition to the photo of the ad, the photos include that period of anticipation as we wait to see who will show up, the equipment being set up, and a couple of the people in attendance.