The church in Prague invited me to conduct a lecture again during this visit.  The challenges of doing lectures here have come to be quite complex.  The issues include limited resources for advertising, choosing a good location in a huge city, and selecting an appealing topic.

For this lecture, it all came together well.  The location was, once again, a culture house in a heavily populated suburb. I’m including  picture that just one building in the immediate walking are that houses between 300-400 apartment units as well as a couple of street scenes showing the normal ebb and flow of life there.  (I took these as I ate my supper of fruit, bread, and yogurt. 🙂  The topic was a very practical one that was suggested and used in Brno a few years ago and finally implemented here.

The turnout was exciting in every way.  The Christians were pleasantly surprised at the results as far as both the numbers and the response.  The brethren continue to show a courageous attitude towards evangelism.  I snapped a picot of the partial audience as we were preparing to start.