Doing lectures in Prague for the last couple of years has been a question of perseverance for the church.  They kept tweaking various aspects of what they tried, but for a while it seemed like nothing worked very well as far as generating visitors.  This time they went all out in exploring different possible venues.  I think they lost count of how many rejections they received.  Finally, they found a culture house on the northern outskirts of the city that agreed to rent a lecture hall.  Though it is on the edge of the city, it is surrounded by huge apartment buildings. Though the crowd wasn’t huge, there were several visitors from the neighborhood.  They came, listened carefully, participated in the 30-minute Q&A at the end, and three of them stayed another half hour or so to chat with us individually.  We are optimistic that couple of them will visit the assembly soon.  Needless to say, the brethren here were the most encouraged they have been in a while.