Sunday was such a long and wonderful day!  I arrived at the meeting place early enough to help set up the chairs and tables in the place the Prague church has access to for a couple of hours on Sunday.  That also gave me time to visit more with the two oldest members- Karel and Milada.  As the group gathered, we studied from Proverbs for our adult class and then did a lesson from Exodus 17.  We prayed for local as well as global concerns.  The baby daughter of a girl I watched grow up was with us. It was a great morning.

After our gathering, I was privileged to spend several hours in visiting and studying with two of our wonderful young men.  Their hunger to grow leaves me feeling good about the future here.


Marriage Classes

An invitation to do a day-long marriage study that focused on the different stages of marriage and Bible principles that help us understand and adapt to those stages posed an intriguing opportunity. More than a little trepidation accompanied me to the suburb where several couple from the region had gathered. One of the couples who attended plans to wed this spring. Another seems to be at a serious stage of dating. At the other end of the age/experience spectrum we had a couple with grandchildren.  The pictures show how the time together brought one of the couples closer together. As it turned out, the biggest challenge was refocusing after a great lunch. The material was very well received, and it was a good day.

Corona Virus Update

I appreciate the concern about any possible impact the Corona virus might have on the folks here and my work.  There are only 32 cases in the country, and some efforts are being made to check outsiders coming in.  The people are interested, modestly concerned, and displaying a bit of that lovable Czech cynicism about the whole thing.

A Great Walk

There are many great kinds of places to spend time discussing God’s word.  This cold but lovely afternoon found us in a beautiful park setting combining a long walk with a good talk.  We needed the good walk after a great meal. In addition to getting to study and visit, I got to hold one of Pavla’s precious grandchildren.

A quick trip back into the city center gave me just time to grab a bite before a rewarding study with two of our college students. Their dedication and hunger for knowledge inspires me.


Study in a Small Town

Honza’s friend Peter is a good man I met on a previous trip.  He lives in a small town near Prague where, in addition to his regular work, he handcrafts harps and does paintings. He had and has a lot of questions about the scriptures. Honza and I decided to spend an afternoon with him studying, visiting, seeing the town, and looking at some of his work.  It was a very pleasant trip and visit.  I so wish I could spend more time with him on his journey towards faith.

Prague Lecture

The church in Prague has worked hard to keep the public lectures viable despite a lack of many visible signs of success.  I’ve admired and encouraged their efforts to be creative and positive.  I’ve seen what I perceived to be signs of progress, but I’m not sure of they have or not, until tonight.  Tonight, I think the positive turning the corner was clear.  Though the weather was not good, and we had some technical issues that threatened to make the whole thing a mess, it all came together.  We had not only the best crowd we have had in years, but also some great follow up discussions.  We had to halt the Q&A because our allotted two hours was over.  The pictures show members visiting with one another, with visitors, setting up the table of free literature, and setting up the projector.  I wish they could show the encouragement the brethren felt at the end of the night.

First Day

Tuesday was the kind of day that makes me love the work here so much. It included the basics of the work.  I worked on preparing a couple of studies and then did them.  The hour plus trip to the suburbs included a ride on a bus that has this fascinating accordion hinge to let it make the corners.  If you suffer from motion sickness, you don’t want to be behind the hinge.  If you get on quickly, you can get the best seats.  Seeing this mom and her kids took me on a trip down memory lane.  The delightful evening began with a study with the couple’s two young children, and it ended with a study for the parents.  In between we packed a lot of visiting and a great meal.  The picture captured the essence of this godly family.  I’m just sorry I didn’t get a good shot of Monika.  As usual, she was working in the kitchen preparing the meal.