Day 2 in East Bohemia

Friday was filled with classes.  I taught four of them.  Marek had also developed same teaching activities for the kids that combined games with learning.  We also took a break to go and out enjoy the incredible fall weather, and watch the kids fly a kite.   The day was productive, rewarding, and tiring.  When the last class wrapped up at about 9:00 PM, even the kids were ready to go to bed.

Some Background

The wonderful family hosting these classes moved to a rambling, ramshackled old family farm house about 15 years ago with dreams of remodeling it as they started their family and served the Lord.  They have done an amazing job with all three tasks.

Now, they are using this lovely home and its amazing courtyard and garden to host a variety of teaching and fellowship efforts within the country.  Young families with children from across the country have benefited from their wonderful hospitality.  Their sincere love for the Lord and his people combined with their generous spirits and the experience of having used the place for  short time as a B&B  has combined to create an extraordinary environment for teaching.  It also demonstrates for others how a passion for teaching children, a willingness to make personal sacrifices, and servants’ hearts can accomplish a lot anywhere.  As I keep posting about my days there, I’ll continue to include some pics of their place.


First Day in East Bohemia

The short train ride from Brno to Ceaska Trebova in East Bohemia was short, but it gave me some time to prepare mentally for the great opportunities that awaited me. Marek pick me up and drove me to their small, picturesque town.  When we arrived at about 4 PM, it was time to get started.  I began with a class on Young People in the Bible with the younger children, this was followed by a class on how to study with the young men.  During the class with the young men which we help in the courtyard, a slithering friend decided to join us.  After a delightful, typical Czech meal of pork and potatoes, the entree group gathered to sing for about 30 minutes.  We followed this with about an hour study of 1 Peter.  What a great start!


After not having been to Bratislava in a while, my schedule allowed me an afternoon/evening to make the trip into Slovakia to visit Lucy.  The weather was beautiful, and a walk along the majestic Danube always take my mind back in time to my own experiences connected to this river as well as it huge role in European history.  Lucy was doing great.  Her life both materially and spiritual seems very well in order as she continues to be a pillar of faith in this part of the world.


Brno Lecture

Being back in Brno for a lecture fills my heart with joy for so many reasons.  We often remind ourselves of how prayer and perseverance pay off, but we may not often have such tangible signs of it.  Admittedly, I was a bit unsure about the lecture topic they had assigned me for this particular night.  I know that the 500 Year Anniversary of the Reformation is a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, best I wasn’t sure how it would play in this blue collar city.  I also knew that Tomas was hoping the practical aspects of it would help people he is studying with, but I just wasn’t sure.  As happens often enough, I was wrong.  Sometimes my error is such a wonderful thing!  The crowd came early and stayed late.  As I discussed the causes of the Reformation and its practical implications for today, the people responded well.  Perhaps the most encouraging response came from an avowed atheist who, based on his response, made great strides in overcoming his prejudices.

The demographics of the crowd let me grateful as well.  While we only had about 20 “visitors,” I’m guessing 20 visitors on any given night night of our gospel meetings would be judged as a true success- especially if those visitors were from the community as opposed to neighboring congregations.  The second encouraging aspect of this was that several of these have now been to multiple lectures.  Finally, a few of them were people who are studying with member of the church in Brno.  We are already looking forward to next time.  One of the visitors even suggested another great topic.  The recurring problem is that I never have enough time here.

Friday in the Village

With all the storybook glamor of Prague, it can be easy for folks who haven’t gotten out of the tourist areas to get a feel of normal life for typical people.  A couple of photos may help with that.  I Made these on the way to the suburb/village where the Novak’s live.  I sent a delightful afternoon with them and with the Vokal’s.  we enjoyed time in three garden as well as a hike through the forrest.   Mira, who was there with his family for the study he next day, had a set of Bible questions he brought for us to discuss as well. as always, Pavla was a most gracious hostess.

“Brno Study”

We still call it that though it is often held in Honza’s office building in Prague.  That  makes a great venue for it.  This teaching opportunity is always a highlight of the trip.  Though Brno folks were not able to come this time, it was very well attended.  That was especially encouraging in light of them having to move it a couple of weeks to accommodate my schedule.  As I occasionally do, I used a workshop format for the study that included them breaking up into small groups to address questions and then briefly present their conclusions.  It is great to see how they work together.  Though you want understand the language, the short video may give you a sense of this.