As you can see winter is here. Fortunately, it is a country well prepared for it. Though the Christmas markets are open, the festive spirit has not prevented people here from caring about the tragedies in other places.

 Our most recent trip to Brno was encouraging and positive. The folks there received the exciting news that the Czech family that has worshiped with them virtually since their conversion while living in the UK is finally moving home to Brno next month. One of the pics from worship that I have included needs a bit of explaining. In thinking about the Lord’s Supper, I observed as that we ate it, we were making a statement to the world about our faith. I commented that this wasn’t just in a macro sense, but also in an immediate sense, and I used the example of the people from the nearby pub that sometimes stand in the window of our meeting place to smoke and drink. Despite the darkness and cold, within minutes two people were standing there and stayed as we ate the Supper.

 Friday was our November Prague church class. Despite the cold and some illness, it was well attended. It’s particularly heartening to see how much our kids enjoy being there. Their circumstances give them a greater appreciation for the opportunities than they might otherwise have.

 This Sunday was a busy one in such a wonderful way. After an edifying morning in Prague, we joined Kris and Katka for a journey through the snow to a small mountain city near the German border. We were part of the first official meeting of the new group we have been working to help get off of the ground there. One of its many encouraging aspects was that a recently converted man from the UK led his first public prayer. It did not follow the typical formula, and it was a beautiful simple expression of humility and gratitude. As we drove home, I was thinking to myself about the role we have had in the beginning of the churches here so long ago. That led me to comment to the Sadovi that I hope in 30 years they csna look back at that day as the beginning of something wonderful. Katka commented that she had just been thinking about the same thing.

 Monday was a fun day for some of our younger kids and their moms as Nancy hosted a Christmas cookie party for them. She put a tremendous amount of work into it, but the results made it well worthwhile.