The middle of the week was a blur. The days continue to offer wonderful opportunities for studies that include classes with people in age from 7 to 55.  Some discussions are as short as 30 minutes while others last more than 2 hours. The size of the classes ranges from 1 to 5. The venues include my flat, the home of others, tea shops, and walks through the forest. A meal is often a part of the meeting. I must say, that while loving all of this variety, this week was especially encouraging because the classes were heavily balanced towards some of the college students/young adults. We also managed to finish planning the European Lectureship for this summer. This is always a challenging task, so having it behind us felt like a true accomplishment. For a “taste” of life here, I’ll throw in a few pictures- including the favorite meal of some of our younger folks (I love the taste,  but haven’t had it in several years.  If it happens to look like raw ground beef with a raw egg and tons of garlic- it is.