We had public lectures on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, we used the venue we have used for years.  It is a “salon” conference room in a well-known hotel in the center.   Jozef made the arrangements.  On Friday, we tried a different location.  We held the lecture in a suburb of the city.  The turnout on Thursday was about what we expected- very small.  That is why they chose to experiment with a new location.  Again the turnout was small, but this time we seem to have been sabotaged.   A group of Jehovah’s Witnesses sat up a stand in front of the entrance to the lecture hall to be able to catch anyone going in.  This group is highly unpopular here, so it appeared to be a significant deterrent.  I think we will try the same location again at a later point.  The Christians maintained a great attitude about it taking consolation from the fact they were working hard to plant the seed.  Mrs. Matousek, now in her mid-80’s, made the long trip into town and up about thirty steps to be with us.  Jan too care of the logistics.

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