Our lecture season is back in full swing, and we kicked things off in Brno. It was the “night of burning witches,” so we were not sure what to expect as far as numbers. We were very pleasantly surprised to have 19 visitors. Most were first-time visitors. Two met with us afterwards for tea and a discussion.

We also began a new series of lectures in Prague designed to last the rest of the year. Since it was a new series, we were uncertain about the response. Also, the first session was on Genesis 1-11 from an historical and archeological perspective. Consequently, it was fairly technical with a heavy dose of looking at various ANE myths as they relate to the Genesis account. We had 8 visitors, which is a solid night for us in Prague, had three people come back from our previous efforts, amnd set up one new study with a man we had not met before.  

I spent my Sundays during this period in Prague, Jablonec, and Brno. The new family in Brno has really helped energize the group. Several folks in Prague have been dealing with health issues. Thankfully Robert is making a great recovery from his heart surgery. The group in Jablonec is continuing to grow. The less recognizable picture is of the group that gathered there on Sunday. Encouragingly, we also had folks from other places join the assembly electronically.

I took advantage of the fact I can still leave and re-enter the country to make a long-planned trip to Greece with Honza. We road- tripped through the country visiting Biblical sites, studying for countless hours, and taking pictures.  He will used these for his still growing website, and I will use them for the lectures here. Our trips are never without adventures, and this was not an exception. One elevator got stuck, but we managed to get the door open and get out. There was a terror attack of pro-Hamas people against a hotel where Israeli tourists were staying. Thankfully, the police reacted quickly and decisively. 

Based on current optimism about our meeting at the government ministry next week, we have cautiously begun to make longer terms plans for the year.