During my spring visit to Brno, the folks asked me to develop a lecture on the Isaiah and Hezekiah seals.  The archeology stuff has proven to be successful in appealing to visitors.  I was excited about the challenge, and optimistic about the outcome.  When we got to the rented lecture hall last night we were early enough to have a few minutes to settle in and get set up before people started arriving- or so we thought.  When we went inside the room we were more than a little surprised to see that several visitors were already there.  We didn’t get an exact count, but I know we had more than 20 visitors in addition to our own folks.  Based on the feedback and the amount of material people took with them, the presentation was well received.  Hopefully that will translate into additional contact with some of these people.  At the very least I think some of them will come back for the lecture in the spring.