When invited, I’m always happy to do a lecture in Prague.  I admire their tenacity and innovativeness in continuing to try and keep experimenting with different approaches. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of disappointment.  On my last trip, we saw some encouraging signs, so I was cautiously optimistic as we waited to see who would show up.  As we waited, Honza prepared to video while little Terezka put visitor info in each chair. As it turned out, we had twice as many visitors as we did 6 months ago.  They were attentive and engaged in a good Q&A session until we had to vacate the rented hall.  Several of them took some of the free material, about half of them gave us contact info That’s really good for here.), and at least one of them will almost surely go to the church website for videos of some other lectures. The brethren were as excited as I have seen them in a while.